silver & china deep .S

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Product Description

This product is free from pork fat Removes food, tea and fruit stains ,from all types of metals ,china, and melamine plastic dishes in all water conditions Removes organic food stains and removes all biological sources of infection growing on the staining food residue In the kitchen department By soaking the items in need to be cleaned in a solution of dip in and hot water 85 degree centigrade for 10 minutes Do not use with silver materials This information is based on our present knowledge. however this shall not constitute a guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship The information given in this sheet according to 1907/2006/EC article 31 ingredients according to 648/2004/EC powder White Soluble in water Original odor 1 gm/cm³ 11± 0.5 in solution Ingredients according to EC detergent regulation : 648/2004 bleaching agent 15 – 30 % strong alkaline material 5 – 15 % highly active non ionic surfactant. < 5 %

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