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The Egyptian Company for Hotel Services – Advisor – winax- supply all kinds of detergents for hotels , restaurants, hospitals, clubs and food companies , food processing and other entities that provide food , the company offers and the sale of products for the purification, sterilization and food safety as the company used in the mixing and packing all the materials complying with the Environmental Protection Act as the company offers the best methods of customer care and providing after-sales services and technical support services for the client regularly rely on specialized technical staff in the field laundries , kitchens and internal oversight also utilize the company with a team of doctors who specialize in the field of microbiology to work workouts for workers in the food and nutrition and you train them and give them certificates According passing the training period to avoid biology & physical pollution Chemical , pollution which is always the problem more often than not also doing exercises to get the best results in the Department of the sink and avoid accidental contamination and get wash clean antiseptic and maintained at the textile company also sent a team cleanliness night and technical support for customers to work hands-on exercises in the kitchen and clean as one of the after-sales service did not overlook the company about the importance of the materials supplied and maintained so the company provides soap dispensers ( Dispensers ) in the areas of hand washing in kitchens and bathrooms in the public areas of the institution , company or hotel as well as one after-sales services as the company provides devices injections automatic for machine washing dishes and dried and be an elegant way Secretariat Li customer throughout the contract period as the company provides plasters guidance in kitchens and bathrooms wa stickers learning in the areas of production all these features come free As after-sales services and did not care company to provide the service in a normal way like the rest of the companies that offer such services , but also the company introduced this service add a full responsibility for employee training throughout the period of the contract with your organization and this is theoretical training with maintaining the value of theoretical training and its importance , but interest is also providing technical expertise with practical application even accommodates the image factor that must be practical and it’s actually a complete picture .

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